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Are you considering buying wearable tech to track your training performances while running or working out? I asked the nerds from the french website for some good tips to help you chose the device who would suit your training style.

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Training while staying in touch with your body: a dream?

It is not a myth and you can do it! All you need is to wear a fitness watch during your training. This device will easily help you calibrate your effort , know what your limits are, overcome your difficulties but also get to know better your physical habilities: to slow down or go faster when needed.

montre connectée pour fitness et mesurer ses efforts physiques pendant l'entrainement

Those fitness watches generally meet three basic principles that are:

  • Breath control
  • Cardiac frequency
  • Recovery

The watch measure the intensity you need and allow you to regulate yourself based on these data when needed.


To choose your watch, it is important to make sure it offers an overview of your progress. I mean that it must offer the opportunity to compare the data collected during the exercise sessions. That functionnality requires a watch with a sufficient storage space that is able to keep in memory all the previous trainings.
The price ¬†is of course a key factor when it comes to chosing your watch. General speaking, the cheapest watches do not include GPS chips or¬†will use the smartphone’s geolocalization system.montre connect√©e apple watch utilisation pour faire du sport et groupe de personnes en traon de faire du yoga au soleil couchant

Some watches include a heart rate monitor which can be handy even though¬†the reliability of this technology isn’t flawless. It might be wiser (especially for runners) to go for¬†a model offering the option of¬†wearing a lap belt.

The most important point is also the battery. From one watch to another you can observe important variations in the autonomy. If your watch has a heart rate monitor: the autonomy may suffer … you might want to study how you will be using the watch¬†do before investing! Entry level watches with little autonomy wouldn’t be suitable for long sport sessions: if you are training for a marathon for example.

The last tip but which turns out to be more common sense than anything else is: Read a maximum of product tests. This will help you make a first impression and avoid bad surprises.

You can also ask questions in the comments. Sound advice will be delivered in response.¬†¬†ūüėé



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