Hello Sporty People  😛 , Are you considering buying wearable tech to track your training performances while running or working out? I asked the nerds from the french website for some good tips to help you chose the device who would suit your training style. Let’s go! Enjoy 😉 Alizée Training while staying in touch with your body: a dream? It is not a myth and you

VEGAN PROTEIN POWDERS – Which one to chose?

“WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEINS ?“ That is one of the principal question I get when I discuss with people about my diet especially since I got into fitness ! But thanks to vegan protein powders coming from plants it is completely possible to easily supplement your diet and to sustain your muscle-growth ! Today, let’s have a look at the different protein powder sources. There are

Need Inspiration for your workouts? Check out those 5 fit girls.

Youtube is a great place to learn all the secrets of fitness girls and finally find the perfect diet and workout plan to get the body you always dreamed of! 🙂 Ever since I got into fitness, I started watching youtube videos of amazing fit people. Not only are their videos inspiring but they are also a good way to discover new exercises and tips


It is with a lot of excitement that I am finally launching F.A.V today. My name is Ally and for years, I have been a real couch potato, eating unhealthy and terrified by sports. I was feeling stuck in a body that wasn’t reflecting my inner self and that was limiting the way I was moving. Food was a relief but also a malediction. It was