Need Inspiration for your workouts? Check out those 5 fit girls.

Youtube is a great place to learn all the secrets of fitness girls and finally find the perfect diet and workout plan to get the body you always dreamed of! 🙂

Ever since I got into fitness, I started watching youtube videos of amazing fit people. Not only are their videos inspiring but they are also a good way to discover new exercises and tips for your diet, your supplementation and your balance between sport and every day life.

Here are 5 fitness chicks I watch on a regular basis and that have been helping me so much.

  • HEIDI SOMERS – also known as buffbunny on Instagram. Leaving her small town in Alaska where she grew up for San Antonio for better life opportunities, Heidi is for me the perfect illustration that you always need to follow your heart and dreams. Behind her success and amazing body, I am always impressed by her hard work and kindness. Her videos are full of tips on nutrition, exercises but also bikini and photoshoot preps.

  • NIKKI BLACKKETTER – I discovered Nikki quite a few years ago and was immediately drawn by her sweetness and honesty. I appreciate how transparent she is with how she feels since it really shows that staying fit might sometimes be hard and that cravings are totally normal things to have! Who can say no to a yummy chipotle? 🙂 Also she is the queen of booty workouts and introduces so much uncommon and fun exercises that you could implement in your workout to switch it up a little.

  • JAZMINE GARCIA – I think the word to describe best Jaz is RELATABLE. She is no buffed fitness model but just that girl training hard at the gym who could totally be your lifting buddy. Plus through her youtube she brings you on fun adventures and tells you about her struggles and aspirations.


  • JEN HEWARD – Can we just talk about how damn cute and bubbly that girl is? Not only does she has an amazing body but her personnality is just everything. Watching her will make you instantly cheerful plus as a coach she gives great training recommendations and shows how to master the form.

  • VALÉRIE BENOIT – I discovered ValĂ©rie by browsing fitness videos on youtube and I instantly loved her training footage, vlogs and also her cute quĂ©bĂ©cois accent. Her body is #GOALZ so I love getting to know all her training tips.


Who are your favorite fitness girls? 


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