Sometimes, you simply need a break… – LIFE UPDATE

A few months ago, I launched Fitness & Veggies with a lot of excitement as a challenge with my colleagues.

Back then living in Paris, spending my evenings at the gym, in a long distance relationship ( which a lot of traveling involved) and working a job that wasn’t challenging enough for me… My blog was a sort of escape from a reality that wasn’t very satisfying after all.

After a little time off my beloved blog, I am back and a lot has changed. I got an interesting job offer in digital marketing and now live in Amsterdam. My couple evolved from a long distance relationship to a we-live-5-minutes-away relationship. And even though my fitness has been lacking during the summer, I am now going ( sort-of) consistently to the gym and am starting to see nice results ! 🙂

Moving countries is a challenge especially when you don’t speak the local language ! But it is also an opportunity to discover and live more. Amsterdam is such a lovely city with so many great spots to discover. Being plant-based here is not as easy as it is in France and the mock meat options are more limited but I am slowly getting used to it and finding solutions !

Are you living in Amsterdam or already visited this city? Do you have good advices?


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