It is with a lot of excitement that I am finally launching F.A.V today.

My name is Ally and for years, I have been a real couch potato, eating unhealthy and terrified by sports.
I was feeling stuck in a body that wasn’t reflecting my inner self and that was limiting the way I was moving.
Food was a relief but also a malediction. It was making me feel good inside but I was also addicted to cheese, cookies and fatty food.
I had no control about my food and was simply unable to say no and to restrict myself.

One day, I just had enough of letting myself go and after careful research I took one of the biggest decision in my life and adopted a plant-based lifestyle.
I will explain more in depth in the future why I chose this ‘diet’ and what changes occured… but let’s just say that it changed everything !
My weight, my body, my energy levels… life started to be brighter ! 

This website was born from an envy to share my experience and to show how a few simple changes can transform your life and your body!
Fitness And Veggies is a platform for the ladies who wants to cook healthier, for the girls who wants to tone that booty, for sporty guys who wants to understand how they could thrive on a plant-based diet, for your neighbor who needs motivation to go to the gym or for your BFF who wants to start lifting weights but don’t know how… I want to dedicate this website to everyone who decided to live a happy and healthy life. 

Let’s grow confidence and become healthy together! Welcome to the FAV Fam’ ! <3

I’ll share with you my journey to fit, my tips, yummy healthy recipes, daily inspiration but also awesome workouts for everyone!

This website is here for you so feel free to comment and to ask me questions, it would be a pleasure to read you 🙂


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