Wishlist #1 – A Fitness inspired January

In January, it’s time to kick-start the year with fresh fitness goals and a sky-high motivation !

For me, January will be hyper busy between a business trip, weekends and holidays in Mexico. With such a packed schedule, it can be hard to find time and willingness to go gymming so I gathered a few items that would help me keep my focus ! 🙂 Everyone knows there is nothing better than some fresh fitness gear to be dying to go and lift some weights.


Discover my Wishlist for January:

#1 : Resistance Bands to warm up the muscles before a lifting session and do some kick-ass butt exercises – http://amzn.to/2ieobcQ

#2 : Waterproof Gym Bag Pleeeease! Since I moved to Amsterdam, I am biking to the gym several times a week. But since I arrived completely drenched one day because of the rain I have been dying to buy a bag that would keep my things and clothes dry ! 🙂 – http://bit.ly/2hoQwLf

#3 : H&M Sport Sweater – Nicely made, cute and breathable for an awesome winter training!  – http://bit.ly/2i7KMK6

#4 :  Gym Shark Leggings – I am completely in love with this burgundy color and heard so many good things about this brand ! Do you own anything from Gym Shark?  –  http://bit.ly/2iEFh6D

#5 : Unicorn embroded Gym Towel – Because being baddass and lifting iron is not a reason not to invest in a cute Etsy towel ! – http://etsy.me/2hwFZCS

#6 :  BellaBeat Tracker – Not only is the design utterly beautiful and far away from the plasticky basic trackers but it also analyzes your sleep and physical activity . The main advantage : you can wear it clipped to your pants or shirt, as a necklace or as a bracelet – https://webshop.bellabeat.com/

What will be your next fitness purchase? 🙂


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